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We accept most forms of payment. Typically all deposits/payments are preferred through Paypal. But we do accept cash, postal money orders, personal checks, and debit/credit cards. All personal checks must be given a week to clear our bank.

All kittens must be paid for no later than 2 weeks before scheduled shipment. If picking upkitten(s) in person we do accept cash, postal money order, or debit/credit as payment on the day of pick up. 

  • When Is The Earliest I Can Have My Kitten?

Each kitten comes with CFA registration papers, breeding pin is free of charge, but provided only at customers request. The decision to breed is solely upon the customer. DHP makes no guarantee as to the kittens future abilities as a breeder. Customer must use his/her discretion as to what kitten is best for their purposes. Dream Heart Persians cannot be held liable for anything pertaining to breeding, or failure to breed by any kitten purchased from us. We DO NOT provide refunds or compensation for any such related matter. We have no interest in mentoring, advising, or providing kittens for the purpose of breeding. We provide PETS ONLY! What you do with the kitten in that respect is up to you and you alone.

  • What Brand Of Litter Do You Use?
  • Is There A Health Contract?

Unless otherwise specified, all kittens are $1,500.00

  • Do You Test For PKD?

Dream Heart Persians

Yes! All of our breeders and kittens are fully registered with the CFA. You will receive CFA registration papers in your name after purchase, and shipment of kitten(s) is complete.

We typically will go between Blue Buffalo Holistic, and Wellness Brand Holistic. We feed them mostly hard kibble, but give them soft food as well from time to time.

  • How Much Are Kittens?

The $300 holding deposit serves a couple different purposes. For us this shows a serious intent by customer to follow through with the purchase of kitten. Also, the holding deposit functions as a place holder. If you pay the holding deposit on a litter of kittens first...this means you will be first in line to choose a kitten from that litter. If you pay your holding deposit 2nd, you will be second in line...and so on.

Absolutely! All kittens get a complete phsyical examination, first fvrcp booster shots, worming, and health records before going to live with their new families.

  • What Is The Holding Deposit For?
  • Can I Pick My Kitten Up In Person?

Of course! We welcome all customers to pick up their kitten in person if shipment is not an option, or you are close enough to drive. Appointment must be made a week in advance.

Yes! We provide a health guarantee for each kitten. We will send you a copy upon request, and or after holding deposit is made.

  • What Kind Of Food Do You Feed The Kittens?
  • Are Your Kittens CFA registered?

Yes, all of our breeders have been genetically tested for the PKD markers. All kittens are guaranteed to be free from PKD as it is a genetic abnormality and cannot be passed to kittens if the parents do not have it.

  • When And How Do I Pay For My Kitten?


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Breed My Kitten?

8 weeks is the earliest that a kitten can be shipped via airlines, or picked up in person.

We have always used the corn based litter from "World's Best Cat Litter". In our opinion it is far superior to any other cat litter on the market. Also if it is accidentally ingested from grooming...its completely harmless, where as other clay based litters can actually harm a felines digestive system.

  • Does My Kitten See A Veterinarian before coming to live with me?
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